Mission with a Vision


Over the years, MHI Group has utilized its business to meet market needs for low carbon, energy conservation, and safety. However, the business environment is changing rapidly, as demonstrated by the shift from low-carbon energy to carbon-free energy and revolutionary advances in digitalization technology, such as AI and the IoT. Amid these conditions, we will need to solve complex and difficult social issues of the present and the near future. In the future that lies beyond, we will continue to ceaselessly reform and make ongoing contributions in line with society’s developments. In this manner, we will continue striving to be the entity that humankind and society wishes to exist. To realize the objectives of this Long-Term Vision, we will strategically and organically leverage our management resources, including our technological, human, and financial (capital) resources.

Under “MHI FUTURE STREAM”, MHI aims to:

  • Resolve complex and difficult social issues of today and the near future
  • Take on challenges of the distant future
  • Carry out continuous reforms to make MHI a company always in demand by humanity and society